Fireline Security

Fireline Security Group is a trusted company, with many years of experience in fire protection and security. This experience has made the company a trusted name in the field of security. They wanted a new website with a callback option and a blog.

Help The Homelezz

Help the Homelezz wanted a website for anyone wishing to help the homeless & volunteer with donation module and Paypal payment gateway built in. It will help the team purchase the much need items like toiletries , blankets, food and much more. The website had to be as simple as possible but mobile friendly of…

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Spotlight wanted a new website where visitors could find the latest news about theaters, artists and culture and upcoming shows from theaters in the region. We have designed this website with minimalism as the spearhead and as few complicated options as possible. The website is responsive, user-friendly and also accessible for disabled people.


Europaragraph did not yet had a website and wanted to digitize their services more. Migrant workers can now digitally fill out a tax return form via the website that contains conditional logic (IFTTT). Several custom validations are built into the form, such as filling in the date of birth correctly, checking the validity of the…

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